Jitters Over These Top Wedding Fears?

Wedding Rings on Bouquet

“Love is the greatest refreshment in life.”, we can all relate to this famous quote by Pablo Picasso but what does it all mean when you’ve gotten the wedding jitters? You have seen the evolving love story of you and your significant other and now comes the time to celebrate the passion between each other. Every bride to be, whether confident or strong, end up with the wedding jitters as the big day starts to arrive. We completely understand the cold feet, heck, we’ve all experienced it at some point but that’s why we’re here to help you prepare for the big day without the unnecessary insecurities. To help you ease those frantic thoughts of yours, let’s give you some insight on how to maintain them and fully enjoy your wedding day.

Not So Picture-Perfect Wedding

We all know we live in a digital age where your social media is only as good as your photography skills. So, we get it when a lot of bride’s fear of not getting those cute Instagram-worthy photos of their wedding event. Maybe it’s a case of shaky photos or the wedding venue not being up to par that usually worries brides, but to no avail, always have back-up. Your photographer isn’t promising those picturesque snapshots? Get one of your friends who somehow always captures amazing photos on their social media and let them whip out their skills for you. Venue isn’t up to its usual beautiful site? Work those angles. It’s all about perspective so why not give some perspective on detailed filters perfectly displaying your wedding.

A Slip Down the Aisle

Have you recreated the moment of you walking down the aisle a million times? Was a good majority of them about you possibly falling or tripping right in front of everyone? We’ve gotten our share of fears when it comes to falling in front of a large crowd, but it’s even more agonizing when it could happen on your wedding day. It’s hard to not “trip” over the idea of slipping onto the aisle but we got just what you need, confidence. Cue the romantic music, the doves flying into the sky, and you slowly strolling the aisle. All of it could be possible, it’s a matter of practicing and realizing if it were to happen, it’s okay, just get back up and take control of your big wedding day. Remember, we have no absolute control of what life throws at us but it’s a matter of how we respond to it, so respond confidently!

Wedding Décor Isn’t as Planned

You have planned every little intricate idea in your wedding from all the way down to centerpieces to color scheming, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t go exactly as you want. The color of your bouquet is off by two shades or the centerpieces aren’t the size you expected. Soon to be brides dread on the idea of not having everything exactly planned but how do they tread through it? Don’t panic, none of your attendants will be aware of what’s off by two shades, they’ll be too busy awe-struck by the love story unfolding in front of their eyes. Enjoy your wedding day, this whole event is meant for you and your significant other to bask in your pronounced love for each other, so don’t worry about the little details.

Still Got the Wedding Jitters?

We understand fears or concerns won’t disappear easily, so why not lessen your worries by booking our venue? Yucaipa Valley goes beyond the wedding venue fit for Instagram photos, we give our 100% to all our clients. We promise for the picture-perfect wedding album, proper flooring (so you don’t trip down the aisle), but most importantly, ensure you fully savor your big day without any mishaps. For More Information Contact Us Here