6 Ideas to Make Your Inland Empire Wedding Memorable

Wedding Signage

It’s that time again, the wedding planning season is here, so be ready to buckle down on all wedding décor, venue research, and creative ideas that will surely fire up your wedding. We’re sure you’re overloading yourself with wedding pins on Pinterest and reading up on all the current blogs to prepare yourself for the big day. Now that you have the overall checking list of what your wedding should be, let’s go over the 6 creative ideas that your wedding needs to have for one big memorable night.

Polaroid Guest Book Check-In

Tired of those mundane guest check-ins at every wedding, because we sure are! Revolutionize the guest check ins with your very own polaroid guest table. Instead of regularly signing in your name, your guests can take wacky or adorable photos and post them onto the guest board check in. What better way to savor another memory of your wedding than looking back at all the funny pictures taken that day?

Anniversary Piñata

Piñatas are no longer an activity just for birthdays but now can be introduced as your wedding anniversary. Your anniversary piñata can be a fun activity for your guests to put funny or wise anecdotes so when the time comes, you and your significant other can see words of encouragement or humor when you pop it open on your first anniversary.

Table Numbers of Groom & Bride

Remember seeing those regular table numbers whenever you attended a family/friend’s wedding? While simple can be more, 2019 is the time to illustrate more pizzazz into your table numbers with photos of you and your loved one. A fun idea would be to include the matching age number with the number of the table and watch your guests bask in the cuteness of you and your significant other.

Unconventional Entertainment

A live band, photo booth, and face painting have all become old entertainment ideas, so what’s the new wave of reception ideas? Animals. You may be thinking of eccentric animals, and possibly how it could go wrong, but we mean the exact opposite. Introducing the cutest animal to surely awe your guests, dogs. Everyone loves dogs and the idea of a cute little furry one all dressed up for your wedding is the cherry on top. Don’t forget showcasing a live painter and caricaturist will also be fun additions to the reception as wedding guests keep small mementos of the wedding.

Hangover Recovery Kit

Fully expect your wedding night to be the most fun yet loving night of them all. From officiating your wedding to dancing on the floor at the reception, your guests will surely have one big yet strenuous night ahead. Nothing beats a guest gift than to hand them their very own hangover recovery kit, especially when they’ve had a little too much fun at the reception.

Dessert Bar

While a simple yet decorated wedding cake has always been the tradition, it’s time we shake things up a bit by adding a dessert bar. It’s not just about the variety of sweet delights you add to the table, but it vibrates personality to your wedding. Think about all the cute macaroons stacked into a pyramid of sweet heaven or an eccentric taste of a churro bar for those cinnamon flavored fans.

Ready for a Memorable Night?

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