Top 4 Common Mistakes In Event Planning

Planning Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

There comes a time when you’re burdened with event planning, whether it be a birthday party to a corporate event, and you’ve found yourself stressed over every little detail. We understand there is no such thing as a perfect event and some ideas fail to execute. In order to prepare yourself for the best and worst moments of event planning, we will discuss the top 5 common mistakes made during your event preparation, so you can avoid the same downfall.

Not Allocating Enough Resources

It can’t be expressed enough on the importance of allocating the sufficient and correct resources needed for your event. Time and time again have shown many failed events can be traced back to the resources utilized. We suggest double checking your staff, ensure they are more than qualified with recommendations and stellar work history. More importantly, book enough staff members to cater and set up the event. Don’t find yourself in a predicament where you’re not only shorthanded but the team you hired are clearly lacking in their skill sets.

Insufficient Setup Time

Can you imagine you and your team setting up the event with only a few hours away to launch time? It can be an absolute nightmare to know there is little time to prep and can ultimately be the main domino to your failed event. Any private events with extravagant decorations, such as birthday parties, holiday events, and weddings, need enough time to set up. Your event must be eye-catching and not an eye-sore, so be sure to have at least a day to set up your entire event.

Failure to Have a Plan B

Everything that could possibly go wrong, has gone wrong; but how will you react to it? If you are most prepared event planners, then you know the importance of preparing a risk assessment and your solutions to them. Be prepared if you end up short handed or have limited food options for your guests. The best solution is to identify your risks and find alternatives to them if they were to go array.

Fail to Confirm

Failing to confirm with your vendors may not seem as important but, contrary to belief, can be just as significant as allocating your resources. Imagine yourself set and ready to go for your event but come to realize that the food vendor failed to promise a specialty dish and instead, brought ordinary and tasteless food. Never underestimate the need to organize, especially organizing a vendor list and prompting the importance of upholding a contract.

Ready to Plan A Successful Event?

Now that we’ve discussed the common mistakes made in event planning, it’s time to start your contingency plan. Here at Yucaipa Valley Golf, we ensure the success of any private event with outstanding catering services and adequate staff at hand. Contact the Sales Office at 909.790.6522 to plan your most memorable event yet.